• Wiangaree Park Senepol Stud

    Wiangaree Park joined us in 2016 for the first time. Producing quality Senepols, which are cattle bred for the tropics, we are very excited to be associated with this stud. The stud was established in 2010 and they are continually focused on genetic improvement.

  • Rodlyn Brahman Stud

    Rodlyn Brahmans are located at Bell,QLD. Rod and Lyn Sperling produce quality carcased red Brahmans which have a very desirable temperament.

  • Stonebridge Droughtmasters

    Alex Gibbon is a Nudgee College Old Boy who is reknown for his rugby ability, and has been playing for Australia in the Rugby 7s.

    Alex has started a Droughtmaster stud near Lismore and is producing quality Droughtmasters from the start!

    We wish Alex all the best with this stud and thank him for his support for the Nudgee College Cattle Club

  • Highfield Park Stud

    One of our longest supporters, Rob Walker, introduced us to Peter Mitchell of Highfield Park in 2017. Peter breeds quality Brahman cattle and is very generous in hosting our training weekends and break up weekends at Highfield Park near Murwillumbah.

    We are looking forward to a long association with Peter and watching his herd get the recognition they deserve in the years to come.

  • Clonlara Droughtmasters

    .Clonlara Droughtmasters is run by Gus and Jen McCormack and the McCormack family has been breeding Droughtmasters for many years. This stud has an excellent name for itself amongst not only Droughtmaster breeders, but the cattle industry as a whole.

    Dan and Bridget Peart, together with Clonlara, donated us 2 beautiful heifers in 2017 which we are excited to watch grow and reproduce.

  • Bos Indicus Cattle Company

    .The Bos Indicus Cattle Company is located near Gympie and is a relatively new stud on the scene. Nudgee College started their association with them in 2017, and we are excited to watch them grow with the amazing genetics they have on hand.

  • Rode Meats

    Established 32 years ago, Rode Meats continues to sell individually sourced high-quality products while providing the level of customer care which they are famous for. Brad and Julie Cammack joined us as a sponsor in 2014 and have continued to support the club at shows with their delicious produce and tireless work. We would be lost without them!!